A true classic that took the Scandinavian car shows with storm. With its flawless finish and invisible (but extremly loud) audio system the man behind the magic, Anders Tångklev, has won several awards!

Sound System

  • Headunit: Processor Mini DSP & Bluetooth Oelbach BTX1000
  • Front speakers: 1 pair of GAS GS65K in the kick panels & 4 pairs of GAS GS6K in the doors
  • Back speakers: 1 pair of GAS GS62SL
  • Subwoofers: Two GAS GS12D2
  • Amplifiers for the speakers: Two GAS PRO 80.4
  • Amplifiers for the subwoofer: One GAS PRO 2000.1


  • Nominated finalist 'Most beautiful car in Sweden'(SWE)
  • Nominated 'Skandinaviens flotteste bil' (NO)
  • Nominated 'Best Street Machine Finland' (FIN)
  • Winner "Best finish" (local)
  • Third place best sound "Danmark Skandinaviens motor show 2014" (DEN)
  • Winner 'Chevy 55 - Halden' (NO)
  • Winner 'Best Street Machine - Nossebro Powermeet' (SWE)