BRL’s GAS Vito is a crowd pleaser who since the unveiling of the Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 2014 has been a major favorite at exhibitions around the country. Viton’s cabinet is rebuilt into a pressure chamber where you meet a subwoofer wall that leaves traces in both soul and memory, with no less than 12 GAS GPX subwoofers embedded in the wall.

Most who have taken enough time to sit in the VITO agree on one thing – GAS VITON is Sweden’s coolest bass experience!

Sound system

  • Subwoofer wall: Twelve GAS GPX1244
  • Other subwoofer: Two GAS ALPHA 1026
  • Treble: GAS PT34 PRO SPL
  • Midrange: GAS PM64 PRO SPL
  • Amplifier: Four GAS COMPETITION 3500.1D
  • Amplifier: Three GAS PRO 600
  • Amplifier: GAS PRO 400

Five fun facts!

  • Over 5.000 people sat in the bus during the opening weekend at Elmia in 2014
  • The GAS Vito has visited many parts of Sweden - from Östersund in the north to Vallåkra in the south
  • Has set off countless Volvo V70 alarms and put two parking machines out of order
  • Won the award "Car sound of the Year" at the Greenlight gala in 2014
  • The subwoofer box is built in two parts and had to be lifted into the cabinet using a fork lift
  • After more than 1000 hours of playing, no component has yet been exchanged