GAS car audio have worked hard from the start to offer as much as possible, for as little as possible. With a vast array of products, ranging from amplifiers to empty cabinets, GAS have made a statment that a high price is not always a watermark for high quality.

The series of speakers and subwoofers are offered in different price classes with the goal to not exclude anyone from the shimmering world of car audio.

Follow the timeline below to see landmarks and events that came to shape GAS into what it is today!

GAS competition 12000.1D makes an entrance!

14 April, 2017

GAS continues to push the boundaries of the car audio scene and on april 14th the COMPETITION 12000.1D was revealed to the world. As a further development of the smaller mono amplifier COMPETITION 3500.1D it’s a pure power monster that delivers a massive 12500W in 1 ohm and sends shockwaves through the car audio enthusiasts and the market competition.

Just like its siblings the amplifier is handmade and meticulous and thoroughly crafted. Only the absolute best components are used and make up the foundation of the most powerful amplifier GAS has constructed to date.



GPXXL – The most powerful of them all!

20 March, 2017

The saying goes: If you have a lot, you want more! Following the extremly positive reception of the GPX-series the GAS enthusiasts screamed for more. They wanted even more bass and a more powerful subwoofer. The GAS technicians welcomed the challenge and started the development of what was to become their most powerful subwoofer ever created.

The end result was the GPX XXL. The GAS technicians used their collective knowledge to create a subwoofer that could deliver more dB than ever before. Thanks to first grade components and a wast experience the GPX XXL became a true dB monster!

The GAS Vito is introduced

18 April, 2014

During the easter weekend with its traditional Bilsport Custom & Performance Motorshow at Elmia in Jönköping, sweden, the spectacular GAS Mercedes Vito was introduced. Those who dared could take a seat in the bass pumpin’ car, which lead to a long line of enthusiasts waiting for their turn to experience the GAS power.
Broadcasted on three screens the bystanders could enoy a livefeed from inside the car and see the reactions of the daredevils. This later became a very popular viral youtube video. 


GAS Competition makes an comeback

26 February, 2014

GAS Competition-series makes a comeback. Last seen in the car that shattered the european record and won the european championship, the GAS Ford Express, the return of these powerful amplifiers was received with open arms by the enthusiasts, both old and new!

The new amplifiers are digital and improved to deliver even more power, perfect for any advanced dB competitor. The Competition series are the must powerful amplifiers in the GAS product range.

 _MG_2190 copy

The GPX-series makes an entrance

4 September, 2013

The introduction of the GPX was a huge success. The well built and durable subwoofers in the GPX-series made a huge impression on car audio enthusiasts all around sweden. The subwoofers can stand more effect then before and and are extremly durable. They also open up a new world of competition grade high dB subwoofers at consumer friendly prices.

The bass enthusiasts took the GPX-series to heart, and it became a common sight at the dB competitions.

GAS Ford Express becomes the European champion

9 October, 1998

Following an intense period of hard work, car audio enthusiasts Andreas Nylund and Mattias Ekberg, the men behind the “GAS Expressen“, reached a staggering 157.8 db in front of a cheering crowd at the 1998 SASCA final in Stockholm.
This meant that the GAS Express, equipped with 26 GAS Silver 12″ and 13 GAS HC-970xvs, earned a place in the European dB Dragracing championship in Stuttgart, Germany.
In the toughest class, Extreme Machine, the GAS Express shattered the competition with an incredible 169.2 dB!

Being the highest level ever achived in Europe the GAS Express gave Andreas and Mattias a very sought after win, and left a bunch of bitter competitors in the wake. The record proved that taking home a European championship doesn’t have to cost millions, but takes skill and affordable products combined in an amazing custom vehicle.



GAS Car Audio is presented for the first time

9 December, 1997

GAS Car Audio is presented for the first time

Following a summer of sketching and in-depth planning a custom made Opel Calibra equiped with the very first versions of GAS Silver & GAS Alpha products was revealed. This was the first demo car with GAS products and also the world premiere of the brand name.  

The ambition with GAS was to raise the quality bar for what speakers and amplifiers at a low consumer price could deliver. The custom builts that followed proved this and the GAS success saga saw its beginning.