GAS car audio have worked hard from the start to offer as much as possible, for as little as possible. With a vast array of products, ranging from amplifiers to empty cabinets, GAS have made a statment that a high price is not always a watermark for high quality.

The series of speakers and subwoofers are offered in different price classes with the goal to not exclude anyone from the shimmering world of car audio.

Follow the timeline below to see landmarks and events that came to shape GAS into what it is today!

GAS comp 12000.1D makes an entrance!

14 April, 2017

GPXXL – The most powerful of them all!

20 March, 2017

The GAS Vito is introduced

18 April, 2014

GAS Competition makes an comeback

26 February, 2014

The GPX-series makes an entrance

4 September, 2013

GAS Ford Express becomes the European champion

9 October, 1998

GAS Car Audio is presented for the first time

9 December, 1997