GAS PRO SPL 4×8″ is an enclosure made for SPL with cut outs for mounting 8″ speakers and two tweeters. This enclosure makes it easy to get that loud and powerful SPL sound system, without modifying the interior of you car. The best thing about this enclosure is that you can choose if you want it sealed or vented. Remove the side panel to get maximum sound pressure and put the panel back on for a more controlled sound character.

The enclosure is made with MDF and is also filled with acoustic damping wool for optimal sound quality. Cables are already connected and prepared inside, to make the installation even smoother. Proper terminals help ensuring a safe and solid connection.

  • Easy to choose between vented & sealed construction
  • Made with MDF
  • Cables are already connected and prepared
  • Acoustic damping wool for a better sound
  • Proper terminals

This enclosure is specially made for GAS PRO SPL-speakers. The tweeter cut outs are made to fit GAS PST14 PRO SPL, but can of course be modified to fit other tweeters as well.

TYPE: SPL-Enclosure
SIZE: 8″
DIMENSIONS (BxHxD): 980x231x370mm