GAS PRO SPL POWER 2500.2DF is a 2-channel amplifier designed for extreme SPL builds. This powerful beast from the PRO SPL series is based on the latest Class D technology, which paves the way for a higher efficiency than ever before. The total power output is an incredible 2x2500W RMS at 1 ohm, and it’s also possible to bridge it down to 2 ohm and get the full 5000W RMS. This amplifier is the perfect choice for those that want to fill the entire car with speakers!

Since this amplifier is rull-range it is ideally suited for, for example, connecting up to 64 8 ohm midbass speakers for an impressive SPL build! With that amount of speakers, it is important with a correct wiring for the impedances to match. The possibilites are endless!

The PRO SPL series amplifiers is based on a new Class D technology that paves the way for higher efficiency than ever before. Class D amplifiers usually have an efficiency at about 90%, but the amplifiers in the PRO SPL series are stable at 93%. This means that the power sent to the amplifier is used in a very efficient way, instead of losing power and generating heat. Thanks to this technology, the amplifiers can be manufactured in a more compact format while still supplying plenty of power.

Fine-tune the sound and make it sound really good by using the low pass or high pass filter. Don’t forget that you also can operate a pair of really powerful bass speakers if you bridge the amplifier!

TYPE: 2-channel amplifier, Class-D
CROSSOVER: High pass,  low pass and fullrange
POWER HANDLING (RMS): 2x750W @ 4 ohm, 2x1500W @ 2 ohm, 2x2500W @ 1 ohm, 1x3000W @ 4 ohm bryggat, 1x5000W @ 2 ohm bryggat