ART: PSP35001D

GAS PRO SPL POWER 3500.1D is a mono amplifier designed for SPL. This powerful beast is is based on the latest Class D technology, which paves the way for higher efficiency than ever before. It pumps out an incredible 3500W RMS at 1 ohm and in this specific category of amplifiers that means a lot of power goes directly to the woofers, with minimal power loss. This amplifier is the perfect choice for those of you that want to supply an enormous amount of power to your subwoofer!

The PRO SPL series amplifiers is based on a new Class D technology that paves the way for higher efficiency than ever before. Class D amplifiers usually have an efficiency at about 90%, but the amplifiers in the PRO SPL series are stable at 93%. This means that the power sent to the amplifier is used in a very efficient way, instead of losing power and generating heat. Thanks to this technology, the amplifiers can be manufactured in a more compact format while still supplying plenty of power.

TYPE: Mono Amplifier, Class-D
CROSSOVER: High pass and low pass
POWER HANDLING (RMS): 1x1500W @ 4 ohm, 1x1500W @ 2 ohm, 1x3500W @ 1 ohm