GAS BEAT is the first step in a great line-up of subwoofers. The BEAT-series offers two sizes, 10 inch and 12 inch, both sporting a single voice coil with 4 ohm impedance. Even though the performance and construction does not give that away, these are low-cost subwoofers perfect for the small to medium sized car audio system.


Alpha, one of the most long lived and without a doubt one of the most popular series, is the second step in the line-up of subwoofers. High sensitivity and and dual voice coils with 2 ohm impedance gives us subwoofers that deliver its utmost with a small amount of effect and also provides many options when installing. Available in sizes between 8 to 15 inches. 


If you are looking for heavy duty and more powerful subwoofers the GAS GPX series is the natural choice. Compared to the smaller series in the GAS lineup the GPX subwoofers has a much higher power handling and a more  heavier suspension. The GPX series is designed to withstand extreme amounts of power and to reach those realy low frequencies. The series is mostly suited for the big dB systems were the subwoofers can display their true potential.


A line-up consisting of well-crafted subwoofers made to withstand both high pressure and much power. Comes in the sizes 10″ and 12″, both with similar specifications and potential to be the core in your next heavy-duty bass system. Dual voice-coils with 2 ohm impedance, heavy suspension and the classic GAS design.


There is big and then there is Competition. The greatest and heaviest subwoofer line-up housing sizes from 10″ to 32″. When big isn’t big enough, it is time to go Competition. You find dual voice-coils in all of the versions and the rigid construction permeate the whole line-up. Higher power handling, classic GAS design and a highly resistant construction makes this the perfect choice for a bass system with slightly higher demands. Go Competition!